Tuple is an app that structures your social group chats by separating event planning, finances, media and more from the never-ending message flow.

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Organize everything within your social group

Without losing track while chatting


Just chatting, but without the noise.


Keep track of spendings within a social group.


Invite your friends to a date and easily pick the best one.


Organize your shared media within the group gallery.


Easily get your colleagues' opinions on a subject separated from the chat.

And more

The possibilities are infinite. Know when someone will arrive on a scheduled event. Structure tasks, wish-lists, etc. What can you think of?

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Investors wanted!

Are you an investor interested in social mobile apps? Tuple is the right choice! We need your investment to hire software developers, to cover expenses such as hosting and SMS verification, to bring our app to market and for professional and legal advice. Interested? Contact us at .

Software developers


SMS verification

UX designers



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